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Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Sodium Tripolyphosphate or Pentasodium Triphosphate is an alkaline or sodium salt of triphosphoric acid. This raises the pH of meats and seafood for enhancing their ability of water-holding. It is processed in chemical laboratories by precisely mixing the disodium phosphate and monosodium phosphate. This is widely used in different applications in the manufacturing of cleaning products, food preservatives, etc. It enhances the ability of different ingredients in the detergent for penetrating the fibers of clothes and helping in foaming and bubbling. It also gives a fresh and healthy appearance to meat and seafood by slowing down their spoilage process. This chemical preserves their natural color and improves their texture by slowing down their drying. In addition to this, it is also used in water treatment facilities and as a tanning agent in leather industry. It is also used as an oil contamination resistance agent.

Sodium Tripolyphosphate Specifications:

1) Purity: 94.0%
2) pH (1% solution): 9.2-10.2
3) Water insolubles: 0.07%
4) Moisture (at 110C): 0.50%
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Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Product Details:

1) Chemical Names : Sodium triphosphate; Pentasodium triphosphate; STPP; Thermphos
2) PubChem CID : 24455
3) Molecular Formula : Na5P3O10 or Na5O10P3
4) Molecular Weight : 367.86 g/mol
5) IUPAC Name : pentasodium;[oxido(phosphonatooxy)phosphoryl] phosphate
6) CAS Number : 7758-29-4
7) Color : White powder
8) Melting Point : 622C
9) Solubility : Freely soluble in water. Insoluble in ethanol
10) Density : 2.52 g/cm
11) Melting point : 622 C (1,152 F; 895 K)

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Sodium Tripolyphosphate Tech HTR


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